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Professional curtain cleaning in Clapham SW4

curtain-cleaning-claphamIf you have dusty, stained or with bad odour, curtains, our specialized curtain cleaning team in Clapham SW4 will examine the condition, clean and deodorize all types of curtains and blinds.
The health and safety of your family is of utmost importance to us, this is why, from 2004, we started implementing the usage of biodegradable detergents that have no polluting after effects, and yet are efficient against all stain types.

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Benefits of our services:

We are based in Clapham SW4, meaning that even if we receive a late night call we can be on your doorstep within 30 minutes, depending on traffic. There are multiple health benefits to our services. We use Eco-friendly detergents and solutions, professional equipment and well-trained specialist. From this service, you will also receive:

  • No toxic pollutions
  • Freshly cleaned curtains
  • Nice smelling rooms
  • Drastic lowering in dust and allergen levels
  • Rejuvenation of the curtain fibres and colours

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Service details

Steam cleaning – This is a proper solution to all of your stain and dust problems. No need to detach your curtains - with the help of our portable machines we can thoroughly clean them as they hang by the windows. Steam cleaning is very effective for synthetic and wool materials as they react best to the heat and moisture treatment. Rather than contract, they loosen the grip they have over the stains, making it easier for all the grime to get extracted along with 95% of the moisture used in the process.

Dry cleaning – This is insurmountably better at dealing with stains on natural substances, as it neither uses heat nor water to clean. This method utilizes the power of a dry cleaning solutions, the detergent is interacting with the stain on a molecular level, making it easier to be extracted via a powerful vacuum cleaner.

The solutions are allergen free, they cannot be carried by air and will be completely removed after the cleaning process is done, so you won’t have to worry about air pollution. There is no drying time, which is making this a perfect treatment for the raining seasons or short term visits.

Booking expert curtains cleaning service in Clapham SW4

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