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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, we exclusively use bio-degradable detergents that pose no treat to you or your family and leave a pleasant, clean smell on all of your textile surfaces.

A: Yes. In order to hold you in no liability, protect our workers and equipment, as well as to keep your belongings safe, we have a comprehensive insurance that covers all aspects of our interaction.

A: No deposits or early payments are required, we get paid at the end of every job, only after the project has been complete according to your standards. You can pay us either by bank, check, by hand, with a card or by a postal transfer, though we believe by hand and with a bank transfer is the safest and most efficient way to do business.

A: We are known for our flexibility, we work from 5:30am until 23:30pm, each day every day. For same day bookings we would like at least 2 hours notice in advance, so we can prepare the needed equipment and detergents.

A: We strive from excellence, so we will do our best. Though it should be kept in mind that the older the stain the harder it is to remove as it has had more time to bind with the fibers and there are some things that even our expert services can’t do, and that is beat time.

A: Yes, we treat both natural and synthetic leather, in fact all of our team members have been through a specialized leather treatment course and are aware of all of the proper techniques.