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Professional mattress cleaning in Clapham SW4

mattress-cleaning-claphamMattress cleanliness is paramount for a healthy night’s sleep, achieving that is no easy feat, however. Here is where the professional services of Local Cleaners Clapham come in handy, as they also specialize in the stain removal and thorough cleaning of all types of mattresses and pillows. We also cover the safe and efficient bed bug and dust mite extermination and removal from all household surfaces.

Benefits of booking expert mattress cleaning in Clapham SW4

Apart from getting your bed mattress cleaned by the best professional cleaners in the region, you will also enjoy knowing that, although very deadly for textile pests, our treatments are safe for use around small children and pets and pose no threat to  the environment. You will also enjoy:

  • Toxin-free cleaning
  • Fresh smelling mattresses and pillows
  • Complete pet urine stain removal and deodorization
  • Money saved on buying new bed mattresses
  • Bed bug-free surfaces

If you want to learn more about these benefits, give our 24/7 customer support team a call at 020 3746 8221.

Service detailed information

Ultra Violet light treatment – is what our trained team of experts uses to battle otherwise hard to remove pests like dust mites and bed bugs. It is safe, uses no detergents and only takes a few seconds to complete. A group of U.V lights is placed around the mattress-to-be-treated, which beforehand has been cleaned with a hoover in order to remove any contaminants and particles. The light effectively kills all bugs within its reach, exterminating them during all stages of their development nullifying chances of reoccurring colony growth.

Steam cleaning – is used as both a follow-up treatment and a stain extraction and deodorization treatment. It can help with the removal of bed bugs as it subjects them to boiling temperatures, effectively killing off any remaining critters then extracting them via vacuum. For stains, we utilize over 50 specialized detergents which can deal with any household and industrial strength stain, from pet urine to food coloring and even engine grease contaminations. High-pressure steam is injected into the fibers, loosening stains, making it easier for them to be extracted with a vacuum cleaner. The detergent cleans and disinfects as well as deodorizes all mattress types, without harming their fibers.

Booking Local Cleaners Clapham’s professional service

So you’ve finally decided to book us? Do so by calling our 24/7 customer support line at 020 3746 8221 or receiving a call from us after filling out our booking form. Our representatives will guide you through the quick booking process and help you figure out the best time for our visit. Be sure to ask about our free price estimations and get your order’s price estimated.