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Skilled Upholstery Ceaning in Clapham SW4

upholstery-cleaning-claphamAs one of the first established professional upholster cleaning services in Clapham SW4, we can vouch that regular cleaning and treatments not only take care of the upholstery, making sure that it is protected and well maintained, but also that you and your family are safe from bed bug and dust mite infestations. They feast on food particles, dirt and grime and can be hard to remove, however, Local Cleaners Clapham SW4 specializes in their safe but efficient extermination.

Benefits of booking upholstery cleaning in Clapham SW4

With attention to detail we can make sure that any staining or colour discoloration is taken care of, without compromising the safety and well being of your household. As we use bio-degradable detergents, we not only keep you, but also the environment safe. You will also enjoy:

  • Freshly cleaned upholstery
  • Professional leather treatment
  • Cleaning coverage of all upholstery types
  • Fiber dirt protection
  • Property value increase

For a more complete list of benefits, be sure to call our team over at 020 3746 8221.

Service details

Dry cleaning – is a wide spectrum treatment that can take care of everything from engine oil grease stains to pet urine staining and every food staining under the sun. It is a widely used technique as it has a gentle approach and can be used on various textile types without running the risk of fiber and color damage. A fine dust like substance is applied on the affected area and then inserted deep into the textile by using a fine brush. The dust binds to the staining, neutralizing odours and returning colors to their former glory. It is then extracted with a powerful vacuum and into a specialized receptacle.

Steam cleaning – is a very powerful technique, mainly used on synthetic and woolen materials. It utilizes high pressure steam to dissolve and dislodge stains, remove dust and overall rejuvenate the fibers. It has a very noticeable refreshing effect on materials and is even used in dealing with bed bugs and dust mites. We extract up to 95% of the moisture leaving only a small percent to be air dried. The detergent infused steam literally eats through any stain which is why it is used on very hard to extract spots.

Booking Local Cleaners Clapham

Booking our service has never been easier. With a quick call placed to 020 3746 8221 you can get your upholstery cleaned the same day. You can also fill our quick booking form, after which one of our customer support members will get into contact with you and work with you to figure out a suitable visiting hour. We also have free price estimations, monthly discounts and offers. Check with us to save time and money.